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We have our own in-house laser making capability and are able to undertake all your part marking requirements.

Laser marking is becoming common practice with many of our customers requiring marking services. Customers have marking applied for aesthetic branding purposes, others for part identification and traceability.

We offer full laser marking services at our facility using Tykma Zetalase Fiber, a name renown for excellence in marking.

The machine is versatile allowing for the marking of a wide variety of materials in all shapes and sizes. We have the addition of rotary marking and can provide full 360˚ cylindrical marking of components. We can advise on the best process and file types to use ensuring high accuracy marking is achieved each time.


Complementing milling and turning capabilities, we provide EDM wire services using Agie Charmilles EDM wire technology.

We use EDM Wire at Cougar RED as the technology is ideal for working with materials that are difficult to machine by other methods.

Electrical Discharge Machining – Wire (EDM-Wire) is where a thin single-strand metal wire, is fed through the workpiece, submerged in a tank of dielectric fluid and has electrical discharges passed through. The subsequent sparking process removes material from the workpiece until the desired shape is achieved. The process is precision programmed and controlled to very impressive tolerances.

We use industry leading Agie Charmilles EDM technology.


Here, wed like to show you how JSN Yoyo can be utilized for multiple kinds of websites, staring from simple personal website ending with professional news portal. All content are fictions and serves for demo purpose only.

  • News Portal / Online magazine
  • Personal website / Blog
  • Corporate website / Service providers
  • Community website / Fan clubs
  • Online shops

Here are some real life examples of JSN Yoyo.

JSN Mobilize comes with both Free and PRO Editions. The FREE edition is included in sample data installation package with function limitation. You only can create 1 mobile template with limited displaying area.

Please click on buttons below to see how JSN Mobilize present a website on mobile devices:

Smart phones      Tablet

JSN Mobilize helps your website to achieve a better browsing experience by creating an elaborated mobile version for the site. This revolutionary extension guarantees to include a bunch of sophisticated features and enhancement while require minimum technical knowledge from users.


Multi-device Support


Not only smartphones are supported by JSN Mobilize, the recent innovation – tablets are also covered. Tablet usually has bigger screen and can receive more displaying area than phone. With JSN Mobilize you will have the separate layouts for phone and tablet which surely deliver the better device coverage for website’s mobile version.



Multi-OS Support


JSN Mobilize delivers the future-ready and mobile-friendly experience to your Joomla website by initiatively supporting multiple operation systems. In short explanation, your website should work and be viewed effortlessly on every screen solution horizontally and vertically. Your website will look awesome automatically on these operation systems (OS) below:

  • iOS (6.x and below, 7.x)
  • Android (2.2 - 2.3, 4.x)
  • Windows Mobile (6.x and below, 7.x, 8.x)
  • BlackBerry (5.x and below, 6x - 7x, 10x)
  • Others...



Load Speed Enhancement


Get the most out of JSN Mobilize with the Advanced Image Optimization based on two options including “For the best performance” or “For the best image quality”. Additionally, the CSS/JS minify mechanism allows to compress all files into one single package. By that way, your site load will quickly enough in a limited-bandwidth environment at least 170%. Below is the speed test by akamai.

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